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Each baby teethes at its own pace...

During pregnancy, bell-shaped buds begin to form in your future baby’s jaw. These early-stage teeth will gradually calcify. The teeth will then emerge in a specific order:

At around 6 months:
the 1st incisor appears
Between 6 and 12 months:
the 8 central
and lateral incisors
Between 12 and 18 months:
the first 4 molars
Between 18 and 24 months:
the 4 canines
Between 24 and 30 months:
the last 4 molars

At around 30 months your baby’s smile will be made up of 20 pearly little teeth.

This teething schedule may vary widely: every child is unique and will cut their teeth in their own time!

There is no need to worry if your child cuts their teeth a bit earlier or later.

To monitor your child’s teething, download the teething schedule. As each new milk tooth appears, colour it in on the diagram. In the table, you can record the date it appeared and your baby’s age.

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